Monday, 9 July 2012

How to handle your boss?

           There is always one colleague who knows exactly how to handle your difficult boss and be his / her favorite. So how do they do it?
Boss scolding subordinate Filters, an NLP concept, refers to the way people filter information they receive from the various sensory inputs. For e.g. while reading this are you aware of your breathing rate, other advertisements on this webpage, number of fans or lights in this room?? Even though all the above mentioned items are in your plain eyesight you must have been unable to answer at least one of the questions? Our mind has its own way of dealing with several things in daily life sub-consciously. However, this is both a blessing and a curse.

               The same phenomenon happens in communication also. Though our ears hear a lot of words everyday, very little is perceived by our brain to be important. In a way we view the world through several personal filters. Different people use different filters which creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.
Let me demonstrate with a classic office scenario. You need a day off. You prepare a long list of reasons for wanting the day off. When you enter your boss’s office you start explaining your needs for a few minutes. Suddenly your boss snaps at you “Just tell me what you want”. There are just as many bosses of the opposite kind. When you try to be direct and just tell you need the day off for so and so reason. The boss starts questioning you till he gets the full details of your needs.

Several similar examples make it clear that there is no single proper approach. The method required is definitely dependent on a lot of local factors but if you understand his filters it might be easier. NLP explores a long list of filters. One of the most useful ones is the big chunk / small chunk filter. It refers to the way people prefer to communicate about particular issues.

People who use big chunk filter prefer just the crux of the message and generally don’t speak out a lot. They speak in terms of overall picture, long term objectives and outcomes. Smaller details are inconsequential to them and the refrain from even paying attention to these details. People using small chunk filter concentrate on every small detail also. This person may take thrice as long as a big filter person to narrate the same incident.

Now you understand the example. The first boss was a big filter person and the second one was a small filter one. If you know the boss is a big filter guy then just make it short and to the point with him. He doesn’t care about the details, so don’t waste his time and yours by going into the details.
More about the specific applications of filters coming up next. Once fully understood the concept of filters can reduce considerable strain in any relationship.

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  1. Great insight into the way peoples's mind works!...the NLP technique has been laid out simple words tat one can adopt it in their lives rite away!..:) ...nice read..expecting similar articles from the author!..

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