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Weight Loss [1] – Problem of the body or mind?

Weight Loss Series 1:  Problem of the body or mind?

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 Ridiculous diets, rigorous workouts, health drinks and what not? You must have tried everything by now if you are reading this article. I am sure each time you started something new it must have worked initially for sometime before you realized you can’t continue the same thing forever. An interesting point to note from your past experience is that the question is not “How can I lose weight?” You already know how to do that and you have done it successfully already. The question is more like “ How to lose weight and maintain it? How to lose weight without feeling like it is a painful process? How to gain the motivation and drive to lose weight naturally? How to change my thoughts, feelings and emotions to change my actions?”
It is the mind . . . .
So you see it becomes a matter of the mind. It is essentially in this capacity that NLP makes it stand as an effective tool for those aspiring to lose weight. A person who is obese knows very well what will make him fat and what will help him reduce weight but every now and then inspiration to reduce weight comes only in waves and lasts for a very short time. So no matter what you try your body comes back to obese state as if that is your natural state. 

Neuro – Associations :
Our brain has several neuro – associations which define our major characters. A neuro association is formed every time we perform a new action and the more and more we do it - the stronger the association becomes. For most of those who are obese, food is linked with some form of pleasure. It is a surprising list of reasons that people have for over-eating. For some it is a source of emotional relief – if they are irritated, hurt or just had a bad day at work - they overeat and find emotional comfort in it. For some it is a way to celebrate – birthday, anniversary, and achievement in work and so on. When they are extremely happy they overeat as they feel they deserve it. 
The association of food with pleasure has strengthened over the years that even if you override it and go on a diet you always return to your natural state. So weight loss starts at changing these self-defeating associations. Without addressing this root cause, trying diets and workouts are only superficial efforts to reduce weight. You need to feel the conviction throughout your body that you want to reduce weight. You must have productive neuro - associations which make you feel pleasure when you work out. When you work out rigorously, every drop of sweat should make you feel happy that you are that much closer to your goal of a fit and healthy body. If you look at working out as a short term pain which you have to put up with, you will eventually lose your drive.  

“Easier said than done” Is that what you are thinking? Well, my next article in this series will surely be a surprise then. 

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