Saturday, 26 January 2013

Weight Loss [2] Taking Action

Weight Loss Series 2:  Taking Action

      We have established that the problem of weight loss is more often a matter of the mind in our 1st article of this series. On the other hand, it is quite obvious that concrete actions are required to lose weight and mere improvements in your thought structure are not enough..
Do you know how much you eat?
Fat Man Burger
             Your weight is dependent to a major degree on what you eat and how much you eat. It is surprisingly important to measure your present state. Be conscious of what you eat. The best thing would be to keep a diary where you record everything you eat every day. You do not have to reduce what you eat. Don’t even try to reduce your food intake. You do not need to stop junk foods and switch over to healthier foods. This measuring phase is just so that you are aware of your food patterns. It will help give you leverage in future when we change our thought patterns about food.

What do you want? Make a decision . . .
          A very powerful question if enough thought is given before answering. Before you start answering, let me make one thing clear.
 You don’t just want to “Lose weight”.
            Losing weight is only a means to something more meaningful. Focus on that. There must have been some incidents that prompted you to want to lose weight. Maybe your loved ones called you fat, you are not able to play outdoor games like you used to, you feel lazy sluggish always, you are not able to wear stylish clothes and look good and so many more reasons. So you see you don’t just want to lose weight; you want to lose weight so that you can start playing again, be proud of your looks, wear any kind of clothes you want, be active etc.
             I am sure you would have “wanted” to a lot of things in your life. Take a moment to recall how many of those you actually ended up doing. Not many right? That is the difference between merely wishing and making a decision. If you just say “I want to lose weight” it will only be a wish which will come true only if a genie grants you the wish.  However when you add enough reasons and make the goal important enough it will no more be a wish.
                  “You need to DECIDE to be the person you deserve to be.”
            Do you want to have a healthy and fit body so that you are always energetic? Do you want to have a body you are proud of? Do you want to be able to do anything you want? Nobody is stopping you but yourself.
                        Decide to give yourself what you deserve!

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