Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Are you clear about clarity ?

With a thousand new self help philosophies, personality development trainers, efficiency coaches etc. popping up every month, almost everyone is aware of the need to have CLARITY. You keep hearing you should have clarity about your priorities, your goals in life, your career ambitions etc. The problem is that now there are so many groups talking about different types of clarity that it has led to confusion again but on a different level.

So I am trying to propagate yet another kind of clarity which I hope clears the fog a little.  To those of you who have clarity about your goals in life, I ask, was there ever a goal which you attained but it still did not mean what you thought it would? How many of us have heard this statement “I have everything but I still feel empty. I am still not satisfied.”  I would like to draw attention to the fact that the achievement has become insignificant in light of want of specific emotions and feelings. 

If you think about it every thing you do or want to do is to experience a specific set of feelings and emotions. Most people want to buy a car, big house etc. because they believe those things will make them FEEL happy and experience SATISFACTION etc. However after buying the car, if the spouse constantly complains about the car for some reason then the car becomes meaningless. So it is not the car but the feelings and experience that the person is after. 

This is why people should have CLARITY about what FEELINGS and EMOTIONS they want to experience and what it means to them.

Many people are not able to experience their choice of emotions and feelings yet they never spend a minute to get clarity about them. You should start with “What are the top 5 feelings / emotions I want to experience consistently?” The most common ones are happy, proud, confident, satisfied,  a sense of purpose in life, non-stop personal growth, a sense of contributing to the world, spiritually connected etc. Take some quality time and analyze your dream list. Sometimes some emotions are dependent on others, so ensure that you identify the root level emotions you would want.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        For example, you might write “Happiness” at the top of your list but for you maybe you are super happy when you are fully confident and spiritually connected. It means confidence and spiritually connected are your root level emotions which will automatically keep you happy. You don’t have to do anything specific explicitly to make you feel happy. Once you have your list, you will notice the true power of clarity and how it will shift your focus to the really important things in your daily life. 

I will follow this article with another one on the power of focus to give you the full picture. 

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