Saturday, 19 April 2014

NLP for Sales and Profits

Have you heard that NLP is an innovative tool for self-help which enhances the quality of your daily life? Sure you have. That and so much more. Are you thinking “what’s more self-help than helping me make more money?” This article is an attempt to answer such curious people.

The world is brimming with entrepreneurs now a days. Everybody is starting a new restaurant, textile shop, IT firm etc. So how NLP helps such people to improve their business? Let us explore the applications of a few NLP concepts in this light. There is a technique we teach called “Perceptual Positioning”. In simple terms it enables you to really get into another person’s shoe and think from their viewpoint so that you get a comprehensive picture of the situation from different angles. It might seem like common sense but the results we have seen in our seminars during the live demonstrations are life changing experiences for our participants.

I was watching a video of Jeff Walker being interviewed by Tony Robbins, an NLP expert. Jeff Walker is the creator of the Product Launch Formula which has enabled him to make a million dollar in a day. When Jeff was explaining his strategy, I could not help but notice the myriad of NLP concepts at work – Perceptual Positioning being the most profound. Visit his site  for valuable tips to boost your business.

Jeff’s strategy was to develop a relationship with the customers and involve them in the product / service development process by getting their feedback during the initial stages. His focus was to know what the clients want and deliver exactly that. Value addition to the clients’ lives was his primary target. I am sure many of us still say “I thought profits are the primary target of any business.” Well, it still may be but profits are no more made by focusing only on making profits directly.

When you shift your thinking from “How to make more money?” to “How to serve the clients in a better way so that I can add more value to their lives than before?” you will start getting new ideas and approaches to improve your business. In the old mindset when you see a dip in your sales you might announce a discount, give early bird offers, give free seminars to increase product awareness etc. These might give short term returns but eventually you will find yourself struggling to sustain the momentum. An entrepreneur with the new mindset thinks “Sales have gone down because my clients do not feel I add enough value to them anymore. Let me find out what exactly they want and include it in my product / service.” These people instead of giving discounts and offers work on matching their deliverables with the market’s expectations. They can even afford to increase the price for the revised product / service and still get more customers as they are adding more value.

I want to explain more about what I am saying here but I will stop here to give you some time to reflect on how this approach can change your business decisions. I will come back with a specific example of this application soon to demonstrate this.


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