I realised how to approach different types of people both in family life and in professional life. I got answers on how to select people for particular jobs and place them rightly.
- Ms.ABIRAMASUNDARI R, Manager – QA Operations, Microtheraps.com, Coimbatore

I got newer ideas from this workshop. I know where I am and where to go. I also realized my positives and negative barriers. From now itself, I changed my thinking capacity in different manner.
- Mr.JAFFER ALI, Coimbatore

I am right now in a crucial stage of my life where I am contemplating on what I have achieved so far and what I have to do for the rest of my life to add value to myself and to others. This program has given me confidence to break the monotony & take new challenges in life.
- VIJAYARANI T, Practice Head – HR & support groups, Chennai

This workshop is well organized. The whole NLP is presented systematically. There is a good mixture of theory and practicals. It catered to the different age groups of the participants. The presentation is simple and clear. I would like to attend the future courses.
- Fr.RAJAKUMARAN N C V, Priest (Roman Catholic), Ooty

I realized myself.I want to change first myself rather than changing others.
- K.Manohar Raja, Senior Sales Person, CBE

It was a pleasure meeting you and attending your interesting/informative/inspiring workshop on 04 Dec'11. I indeed learnt a lot of new concepts and techniques through your vibrant program. It was well conceived and delivered. Wish you all the very best in all your endeavors.
- Dr. Balasubramanian K (Balasandilyan) CEO, Vision Unlimited, Chennai